1 + 1 @ Kobe Feat. Takeshi Yazaki

1+1 @ Kobe
Conceived and directed by Dick Wong / Performed by Dick Wong, Takeshi Yazaki
3pm 18 - 19 February 2012 / dB Dance Box, Kobe
A program of Asian Contemporary Dance Festival #2

1 + 1 is a collaborative performance project on collaboration. From knowing a name to seeing an image, meeting the real person to sharing the stage, the project chronicles and reflects on the journey of how two dancer-performers make exchange and work together. Comparison and competition, similarities and differences, manipulation and accommodation, the work in itself is like a mirror, in which one sees himself through the reflection of others. 
1+1 @ Kobe is the 5th edition of the project, previous presentations include Bangkok (L.A.B., 2007), Hong Kong (a program of Craze Explosion, East Side Dance Company, 2009), Tokyo (a program of Encounter, 2009) and Paris (Les Soirees Nomades, Cartier Foundation, 2010).

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