Tri_K @ Kanazawa

###Postponed to 2012 due to injury of Imaizumi Koichi in a work accident ###
Concept and Performance: Dick Wong / Takao Kawaguchi / Imaizumi Koichi
Theatre 21, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Synopsis: Tri_K is a dialogue of the body, between two Japanese and one Chinese, of how a man as human being and the male gender, finds his place in the world. Based on the actual observation and exploration of what’s common and what’s not common among the three performers, and taking advantage of their different expertise, skills and knowledge, the team of Dick Wong, Takao Kawaguchi and Koichi Imaizumi will then make different approaches to the above theme to make a multi-dimensional collage of dance, text, drama and film.

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